Thursday, December 2, 2010

Show me # 4

Alright Sassy Cheryl wants us to show her where we create and what we are working on. Welcome to my craft room, I am not as neat as the rest of you, because I am always working on 5 or 6 creations at one time. I have my own space with a surround view.  This is where I have my morning coffee when its cold out like it was today, and where I design new creations in tatting and chat with you online.  Its where I learned to knit my socks online, and where I make all my husbands winter shirts when I am in the mood. This is my do everything room, sewing, crocheting, knitting, tatting, cross stitch and make wire wrapped jewelry.  I have the most stylish wastebasket in town a cat food bag....LOL


  1. Love your space. Very cozy and welcoming ~jeni :)

  2. Love that stylish trash can. I am sure it is a one of a kind creation. I bet everyone will just have to have one now that they have seen yours!

  3. I think your space is great and I love that card. I don't know where you think all of us are neat. Not me. Love the trash can. It's nice and big.

  4. Wow. . .I agree. Warm and cozy! You have quite the space. Isn't it great to have your own space to create!
    Ok. . .now Linda has me looking. Where is the trash can?
    Thanks for sharing your space.

  5. Yes this really is a cozy place to craft! Great area! Love the cute card you made too!
    Thanks for joining us at Sassy Cheryl's!
    Jodi =)